Leading North West law firm Gorvins Solicitors had the enviable honour of being awarded the Platinum Award for their work with the young people of Stockport at an exclusive ceremony on Thursday 10th December.

The Young Stars Awards organised each year by Stockport Council acknowledges the achievements of the young and inspirational talent in Stockport who are either in training or education across a variety of areas, including Outstanding Achievement, Sporting Achievement and Overcoming Adversity.

The ‘Working with Young People Award’, which is awarded to businesses who are committed to nurturing the talented young people of Stockport helping them to gain experience, develop and learn.

The new prestigious ‘Platinum Award’, which is the highest level of award to recognise outstanding contributions, was presented to Gorvins who continue to work diligently in a diverse range of areas to ensure our young people can prosper in the future. Such work includes: offering work experiences and internships, sitting on advisory boards for schools and colleges, mentoring students, having our staff act as school and college governors and working on fantastic new initiatives such as the Gander Project.

Christian Mancier, Commercial Partner at Gorvins who plays a significant role working with young people, said, “Since the Young Stars Awards began 5 years ago we have each year won an award, starting off with a silver award in the first year and then progressing through to a gold award for each of the past 3 years.

“With the introduction of the Platinum Award this year it really is an honour for Gorvins to be one of the first to receive this award and it is a recognition of the hard work our staff put in in supporting local educational establishments and other initiatives, often outside of office hours, to help benefit the students and young people of Stockport.”

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