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It is a perennial question for those looking to invest their money into bricks and mortar to hopefully make a pound or two further down the line – should I invest in an old property or a new build?

The answer is always a question of circumstance and numbers. Contrary to true legal style, that’s not to say there isn’t a definite answer to the question, it’s just a case of assessing the situation in relation to your own circumstances, for example: How much time do you have if you’re refurbishing? What’s your cash flow situation? What are your long term plans?

Most buyers tend to focus on two key components: price and location. However if you are looking to invest then the condition of the property should also be a major consideration.

You may specifically want a property with a sense of ‘character’ and distinctive features; if that’s the case then a new build probably isn’t going to fit the bill. If on the other hand you want a clean cut, tidy and modern house and your plan is to get it on the rental market as soon as you can, a new build may be your best option.

There are many nuances to consider for both options especially from a financial point of view which is going to be your absolute driver if you are investing. There are four main steps to consider from a financial point of view: Initial purchase price, repair work costs, potential rental yield and resale value to make a profit (hopefully).

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