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As the hype builds for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June, many employers are concerned about having to give their workers an extra bank holiday.  Whilst many workers might argue that the Jubilee holiday is balanced out by the extra day in the leap year, there is no doubt that businesses can ill afford to close shop for a further day in the current climate.  Add to this the fact that many employees might be tempted to take annual leave for that short three-day week at the beginning of June, and businesses are faced with a situation almost as dire as the Easter/Royal Wedding event of last year.

A recent survey found that 39% of employers are unhappy with the extra bank holiday for the Jubilee, and many have sought advice on how to deal with it.  The answer will usually be dependent upon the contracts of employment that have been issued to staff.  The wording of the holiday clause is crucial – where it provides for (e.g.) 20 days plus bank holidays, then the employee will be entitled to the extra day.  If, however, the contract states that the employee is entitled to (e.g.) 28 days including bank holidays, then the extra bank holiday will arguably be absorbed in the employee’s normal holiday entitlement.

This issue highlights once again how important it is for your contractual documentation to be spot-on.  If you need assistance with your contracts or advice on this issue then contact our Employment Team.