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  • Residential Property

    Posted 9.5.18

    Leasehold and Freehold Property Charges

    We discuss Leasehold and Freehold property Ground Rent or Estate Rent Charge provisions.

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  • Family Law

    Posted 23.5.17

    Proportionality of Divorce Costs

    Head of Family Law Nicola McInnes urges divorcing couples to consider the proportional costs of minor disputes.

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  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 23.8.16

    Bad neighbours can bring down your property value

    Discover your rights and what you are legally entitled to do if you live next door to bad neighbours

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  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 27.7.16

    Pokélaw and liability: whose is it?

    PokémonGo has surged in popularity over the last few weeks, but when incidents and accidents occur, who is liable?

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  • Will & Estate Disputes

    Posted 16.2.16

    Disputed Probate Case as Family Battles over ...

    Disputed probate cases continue to cause many a headache for many families. A fascinating case recently...

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