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Online Estate Agents are a growing phenomenon. They offer all the services that a high street estate agent can, but at the convenience of your fingertips. With every passing day we are living in a more digitalised and online orientated world to accommodate hectic lifestyles and advancements in technology.

The majority of the public are now more accustomed to things getting done immediately and more efficiently – our standards are increasing and we like to get things done now; we are not so keen on playing the waiting game anymore.

Instead of waiting till Saturday afternoon to go food shopping, we can order it on Monday and have it delivered on Tuesday. Instead of waiting for our favourite musician to release their song in the shop, we can download it online whenever we want. Can’t wait to book a flight to your favourite European city? Just do it online at a much cheaper cost. Looking for that perfect property but don’t want to book a day off work or trudge down to the estate agents over the weekend?

This is where Escape the Agent steps in.

The Advantages of Online Estate Agents

Escape the Agent, as the name suggests, is all about losing the traditional agent and entering into the modern digital world. More and more people are choosing to move away from the traditional methods of selling a house, to move in line with the modern times. High street estate agents can offer you a personal, face to face service, however, using an online estate agent doesn’t mean that you are left alone and lost. Escape the Agent makes everything easy and convenient, just the way we like it. As a customer you can still consult help and support and utilise their expertise, but all at a time that is right for you.

The online market is now exponentially bigger than having a person happen to walk past an estate agent and spot the picture of your property.

Low Prices

The biggest advantage of utilising an online estate agent is the big difference in cost. Escape the Agent allows customers to advertise their properties for rent or sale at one of the lowest per monthly prices on the property market. You create your advert on the website and manage it yourself. It is a simple four step process to market your home:

  • Choose a pre-made package on the site
  • Create your advert
  • Escape the Agent will advertise your property
  • Your house is sold or let!

Online Estate Agents don’t have to run a store on the high street, meaning overheads are dramatically reduced when compared to their physical competitors.

For example, let’s imagine you are selling a property for £250,000. A high street estate agent who charges 2% will cost you £5000. If you sell the same property through Escape the Agent, it will cost you £79. Even if you list your property for 6 months, you will still save a whopping £4,526!

The Goal of Escape the Agent

Escape the Agent wants to revolutionise the way people buy, sell, rent and let their properties. The times have changed; gone are the days where you had to drive around different areas for hours looking for estate agent signs, then organise a visit to a high street store and talk to an agent for hours before you get anywhere…this whole process can be dramatically shortened, made much more relaxing and suited to your needs.

Partnership with Gorvins Solicitors

Escape the Agent has partnered with Gorvins Solicitors to make the process of buying, selling, letting or renting a property that bit easier. Gorvins are one of the North West’s leading conveyancing solicitors, who will handle all of your legal needs. Gorvins are an award winning law firm with clients across the whole of England and Wales. They are approved and recommended on all bank, lending and mortgage panels, demonstrating how they have helped thousands of clients when moving homes, whether it be first time buyers or experienced movers – Gorvins offer their expert services to all.

Whenever you sell, buy, rent or let a property it is both vital and necessary to consult the expert knowledge of a solicitor to complete the searches, transfer the legal rights and finalise the deal. Gorvins offer a fixed price conveyancing fee with no hidden costs, the quote they give you is the price you pay unlike other solicitors who offer you a quote without explaining the unrevealed costs that will hit you further down the line.