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On 24th to 28th November, the family organisation Resolution will be holding it’s “Family Dispute Resolution Week” with the aim of raising awareness as to the various ways in which separating or divorcing couples may do so without going through costly and contested court proceedings.

Resolution is a national organisation of family lawyers and other professionals who are committed to adopting a constructive resolution to family disputes. The Family Law Specialists at Gorvins are all members of Resolution and follow the Resolution Code of Practice which promotes a non-confrontation and cost effective approach to family problems.

Many couples going through a divorce or separating believe that in order to resolve a dispute in relation to, for example, the splitting of assets or general money matters; they are required to go to court. There is however a number of other options available and the “Family Dispute Resolution Week” seeks to highlight these options with the aim of dealing with divorce and separation process #abetterway.

In support of the Resolution “Family Dispute Resolution Week”, the Family Law specialists at Gorvins are pleased to offer a free initial consultation to those seeking advice or to discuss the options open to them. If you would like to book an appointment please contact Gorvins on 0161 930 5117. Further information can be found on the Resolution website or by following @ResFamLaw and using the hashtag #abetterway on Twitter.