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Well according to Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin it may well be the way forward as they jointly announced their marital separation. In a recent blog on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop, the couple used the term “conscious uncoupling “ when describing the breakdown of their marriage however they have indicated that they still intend to “co-parent” children Apple, 9 and Moses, 7 which will no doubt enable the children to adjust to the split far more positively. The couple are even reported to have taken a post separation family holiday in the Bahamas.

There is no doubt that for some couples, divorce can be emotionally wrought however it is wrong to typecast all divorces in this way and it is entirely possible to follow Gwyneth and Chris’s lead and to come out the other side on good terms.

Although many sceptics’ have criticised the couple for their spiritualist “conscious uncoupling” approach, the couple ought to be commended. When separating or considering a divorce it is important to deal with the legal, financial and children aspects of a separation in an amicable and friendly manner as not only will this approach benefit the emotional wellbeing of both parties and the children but in most cases this approach tends to reduce the chances of getting embroiled in prolonged and costly court proceedings.

There are many ways in which to “consciously uncouple” or to split amicably and expert legal advice should be sought to explore the various options available. The Family Solicitors at Gorvins are all members of Resolution, a national organisation which is committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. We follow the Resolution Code of Practice which promotes a non-confrontational approach and we consider the needs and best interests of the whole family and in particular those of children.

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