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Anyone who knows me knows that I am cycling obsessive – whether that be out on the bike, reading about new bikes/technology or ordering new bike parts off the internet (I hope my wife is not reading this). For the 3 weeks of the Tour de France, I have been glued to the TV watching the exploits of Bradley Wiggins and the Manchester-based TeamSky. So this got me thinking about what businesses and those in Stockport can learn from this unprecedented success.

Firstly and foremost TeamSky set themselves a single objective for Bradley Wiggins to win the yellow jersey. The whole team supported this and everyone worked together towards this overall objective putting personal interests aside. As a result in Mark Cavendish (the current world champion and serial TdF stage winner) was regularly seen dropping back to the team car to pick up several water bottles and carry them back up to his teammates. Where else would you see a world champion performing such a “menial”, but vitally important, team role?

We also saw Chris Froome (who finished second overall) playing the loyal teammate role and dropping back to support Bradley Wiggins even though he was clearly the better climber. On one occasion he sacrificed an almost certain stage win to stay with Bradley Wiggins, eventually finishing second. Had he gone for the stage win he risked pulling Bradley’s rivals with him and leaving Bradley behind which would have risked the overall objective.

Secondly, lots of businesses would do well to follow TeamSky’s philosophy of “marginal gains” where they look at every single aspect of the team and try to improve it as far as possible. If 10 things can be improved by 1% each, that’s a 10% aggregate improvement.

So what could the common goal be for businesses and other business-related projects, such as the Portas Pilot, in Stockport be? How about this; “making Stockport a great place to live, work, play and do business” by making Stockport a vibrant and dynamic destination for socialising, culture, health, wellbeing, creativity, business, retail and learning with everyone working together to achieve this goal.

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