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Choosing a trusted conveyancing solicitor to help buy or sell your residential property is a vital decision to get right.

Instructing an experienced solicitor will mean your transaction will be:

  • Smoother
  • More efficient
  • More cost-effective

A few decades ago buyers or sellers didn’t have much choice apart from the solicitors that were on their local high street. This monopoly in the market kept prices high as these solicitors knew they had an almost captive audience.

Conveyancing in the digital world: the pros and cons

In today’s digital world you can choose a solicitor to transfer the legal rights of a property from almost anywhere in the country. At Gorvins we regularly deal with clients from all corners of the UK.

However, with the vast expansion of the internet and digital accessibility comes a downside. There are now many online portals who offer conveyancing at an extremely low cost; or at least that is what they want you to believe. These cheap headline prices tempt people in, who are then stung at a later date when it is revealed that their ‘conveyancing experts’ didn’t give you the full cost upfront.

If you had a problem with this (and rightly so!) you might ring up to speak to someone, yet never speak to the same person. At Gorvins we don’t do this. When you first ring up we will give you a no-obligation fixed fee quote which will include the FINAL cost. We believe in honesty which is why we include all the costs from day one; many online sites do not do this and have ‘hidden extras’ which they have neglected to tell you about at the start – this is why they appear to be cheaper.

The four important aspects to a specialist, trustworthy conveyancer

We believe there are four highly recommended criteria that you must take note of when it comes to choosing a conveyancer.

  • Offer a “no completion – no fee” policy
  • Provide you with a complete and final price from day one with NO hidden costs
  • All quotes are based on a fixed-fee basis and not per hour rates
  • A real solicitors law firm with real people; not a ‘law farm’

At Gorvins we have them all. We are an established, reputable law firm in Greater Manchester. What’s more, we have teamed up with and are now a FEATURED PRO on the popular sites of Zoopla and Plentific to provide all your conveyancing needs.

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