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Employment Law and specialist discrimination solicitor Danielle Ayres spoke to the Daily Mail about potential sex discrimination by an elite recruitment company ‘Matching Models’, based in West London, which advertised jobs for women specifying that applicants should be ‘women’ and ‘attractive, with a specific bra size and hair colour.

The Mail sought out the expertise of Danielle to discuss whether advertising for ‘models’ to fill roles including PA’s, hospitality, receptionists and flight attendants, as well as promotional staff and models, was a form of sex discrimination. Some of the adverts posted jobs such as “Sexy cab driver” and asked for ‘attractive’ applicants, and others even asked applicants to send in photographs of themselves.  In one, the job description for ‘Sales Staff” said, ‘A sales pitch needs a pretty picture. It’s a fact that people prefer to listen to a beautiful person and do so for longer.’

Danielle, who specialises in discrimination cases said “it is not only extremely stereotypical and degrading to women but it could also be in breach of the Equality Act.  Under the Equality Act employers can target people who have a particular protected characteristic which is either underrepresented or if they suffer a disadvantage because of it, such as quotas for ethnic minorities.An employer can only be so appearance-specific as to the candidate they are seeking if they are trying to address the under-representation or disadvantage for that particular characteristic.”

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