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The latest research from property portal has shown that the best time of the year to sell your property is September.

According to Rightmove and Zoopla, September is the second busiest month of the year for buyer activity, which means putting your property on the market now is certainly going to aid the sale of your home. January is top of the list when it comes to busy months, but with lots of people selling their homes, competition is stern.

There are a number of factors that coincide to make this time of the year the perfect time to buy or sell a property:


  • The countdown to Christmas has begun
  • The children have gone back to school
  • Deadline for school admissions are approaching
  • High activity from buyers
  • The weather is on the turn

During the month of September, buyer activity is high. It remains in a peak until November time when the trend starts to decline until the end of December when Christmas has been and gone. If you list your property at the start of September, you have two solid months before buyer activity slows down.

According to Rightmove the average time it takes to sell your home in the UK is 65 days, which fits in well with the high buyer activity seen during September and October. Christmas is seen as a big benchmark in the year. Undoubtedly, people want to complete their sale or purchase in good time before the festive period gets in full swing. This means that all parties are that little bit more pro-active and efficient, so they can get settled in their new home for Christmas, hence the increased activity.

Children play a large role when it comes to more buyer activity. One reason for this is that they have been safely packed off to school, much to the sadness (and relief) of parents, holidays are done and parents are looking towards the future once more. The return enables parents to get round to the other jobs on their long list, such as selling their property.

Another feature when it comes to decision making and children is where they are going to be educated. Getting that property in the all-important catchment area is highly influential when it comes to purchasing. Buyers want to get this done by the end of the year so they can get their application in to their desired school for the end of January and start of February when the proverbial doors close.

House imagery plays a lead role in helping to sell your house. Emoov’s research shows that 43% of people think selling in the summer increases the chances of finding a buyer. With summer being a busy time with holidays planned and children to entertain, September offers the next best thing to get those impressive photos before the rain sets in.

The research tells us if you’re thinking about putting your property on the market before the end of the year, do it now. To transfer the legal title of a property from one person to another, you will need to contact a specialist in the area to complete the conveyancing process.

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