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Nicola McInnes, Head of Family law at Gorvins, has been featured in Fabulous Magazine in The Sun providing expert top 10 tips for bagging the best divorce.

As Lisa Armstrong tries to secure a top solicitor in her divorce with Ant McPartlin, Nicola shared her top tips for any woman currently experiencing the lows of a complicated and fraught divorce.

Here are her top tips include:

  1. If you’re a full-time or part-time housewife and have always relied on your husband’s income you’ll be left with limited funds to pay for high solicitor fees and mitigation costs. But Nicola says you can apply for a Legal Service Order, which means your husband has to pay for your fees also.
  1. If the husband has always controlled the family’s finances and stops all your payments or access to shared funds, you can issue a Maintenance Pending Suit to last you through the divorce proceedings.
  2. More often than not the husband will attempt to shift huge amounts of money from his accounts if he has a very successful business of his own.
  3. Some husbands will get rid of properties or change the ownership of property to his brother’s name for example so he doesn’t have to share it. You can apply to the court to reverse it. If the dates coincide with divorce proceedings then it will be enough proof in court.
  4. Similarly when the husband gifts a huge sum of money to a friend or family member so you cannot claim it.
  5. Never photocopy the husband’s bank statements, they will not hold in court. Nicola says that if the wife submits photocopies of any bank statement they are obliged to tell the other party and return them.
  6. When the husband refuses to submit all his statements in an attempt to hide his finances Nicola says you can apply to the court for an order to disclose.
  7. Even though sharing the family home can be hard when divorce talk has started, Nicola says do not leave the house until you’re at breaking point.
  8. If you cannot decide who gets the most expensive car, or the most expensive television, or the summer home, and he ends up keeping it, be sure to claim the value of said product in another area.
  9. And lastly, Nicola advises all women to get legal advice as early on as possible. As soon as divorce is on the cards seek advice and consult a solicitor.

Nicola sates one of the worst side issues of the job is when clients rely on their solicitors as friends.

“It’s costly business,” she says. “If you call your solicitor at 1pm on a Saturday for moan you’ll be charged for it. Keep it professional. Try to keep your emotions for your friends and family and use your money wisely, the solicitor is there for business only. A solicitor is not your friend.”

You can read the full article here.