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Head of Family Law Nicola McInnes has been featured in The Independent’s article ‘Money worries trapping older women in loveless marriages’

The article speaks about the emerging trend of female baby boomers being less likely to start divorce proceedings than younger women for fear of financial disaster.

Head of family law at Gorvins Solicitors, Nicola McInnes, says that it may be possible for a poorer partner to apply for a Legal Services Order, meaning their earning ex would be required to contribute towards their fees.

However, she adds: “These applications are few and far between. The wife would have to prove that she was unable to borrow monies to finance her legal costs, have no income or savings of her own, that her solicitor would not agree to defer the costs and, finally, the wife would have to prove that she was not able to take on what is called a litigation loan.

“Litigation loans are offered by a number of companies but the interest rates are extremely high. I personally would not advise clients to take out such loans due to the high rate of interest.”

The full article can be found here