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The issue of age discrimination seems to be hitting our headlines with more regularity, despite us supposedly living in a more equal society. In this article from The Telegraph, employment lawyer at Gorvins Solicitors, Danielle Ayres, discusses the problems women face in the workplace once they hit 50 years of age. 

The Office for National Statistics revealed last year that there were 162,000 unemployment women over 50, an increase of 45% since 2010, and the highest number since data started to be collected by the ONS in 1992.

Many women say they have been turned away from jobs for being ‘over-qualified’, something which they believe is an excuse.

Danielle Ayres said, “Unfortunately, there are no specific rights or claims that arise from this branding. However, some age discrimination claims have been pursued where the applicant believed that the ‘over-qualified’ title was actually a shield for the real reason behind their decision not to hire that person – that they were ‘too old’.”

You can read the full article here – The Telegraph: Never mind the menopause, why women in the workplace are finished at 50