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Selling your property? Leading property dispute and litigation solicitor Danielle Clements recently spoke to the Daily Mail on the legal pitfalls you need to watch out for when selling your property.

Speaking on the article published recently in the Daily Mail, Danielle explained that some common pitfalls when selling a property often get ignored but these unresolved legal matters can cause huge problems when you are looking to sell. She explained that it’s vital to anticipate problems even before putting your home on the market.

The most common pitfalls Danielle alluded to in the article were:

  • If you have fallen out with you neighbours and the dispute involved authorities such as the local council, planning department or the police, you MUST declare it to the solicitor handling your sale as it can affect the value of your property or its ability to be sold at all. Worst case scenario is you could find yourself being sued.
  • Issues involving access to the property are another common problem. Make sure your solicitor checks there are no abnormalities with your title and/or access to your property.
  • If you have a restrictive covenant (a clause in the property deeds or lease limiting what the owner can do e.g. build an extension), then this should be resolved prior to the sale by applying for consent from the person who enforced the covenant to have it removed.

Whilst this list is not extensive, it certainly highlights some of the most common reason why the sale of a house could fall through during the process.

Danielle warns “it is vital to make sure you get the right advice from a reputable solicitor rather than going for the cheaper option and putting your faith in online conveyancing firms.”