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Danielle Clements, Senior Associate in Dispute Resolution at Gorvins Solictors has been featured in ThisIsMoney’s article on the dangers of not having the boiler checked when moving home.

The article tells the story of Christabel Smith and her husband, who found themselves with a £3,000 repair bill after already going through the financial strain of purchasing their dream house.

Danielle Clements commented that home-buyers should think about boilers in the same way they would about damp or cracks in ceilings: ‘Check if the boiler has been serviced regularly and ask for the paperwork.

‘If the seller cannot supply these then your solicitor may ask the seller to pay for or contribute to indemnity insurance.

‘If the boiler is old and you still want to buy the house, you could negotiate a discount on the price to reflect this. Sometimes, though, boilers break down no matter how careful you are.’

If something does happen after you move in and you want to pursue the matter, find out if any information about the faulty boiler was revealed during inquiries made during the conveyancing and whether there was any paperwork.

‘You might be able to persuade the seller to contribute to the costs of remedying the fault if they were untruthful,’ says Ms Clements.

‘If they refuse you may struggle to pursue an action as a result of caveat emptor: let the buyer beware.’

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