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Danielle Ayres has spoken to Cosmopolitan magazine on the power of the NDA and why it’s time to end the abuse of them.

Coming to light in recent years with the scandal of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to bully his abuse victims into silence for over 20 years. Throughout 2017 numerous other famous men were dragged into the limelight following abuse allegations, with many women breaking NDAs in order to do so.

Danielle explains to Cosmopolitan the definition of an NDA, “In cases where you are entering into a settlement agreement, confidentiality clauses would usually specify that you can’t discuss the circumstances surrounding why you left the company, any grievances that were raised, or the specific settlement terms themselves,”

Danielle says that while NDAs should never be used to cover up criminal activities like sexual abuse, it’s common for women to sign settlement agreements following an employment dispute because it can seem like the easiest option. “In some cases, particularly those around maternity rights or sex discrimination, women would rather sign a settlement agreement and put an end to the situation, even though they’re not to blame for the problems at work. Often, women don’t want others to find out about a grievance complaint, in case it impacts their future career prospects.”

Cosmopolitan also speaks to other experts on the effects of NDAs, your rights and advice for those who may be affected.

You can read the whole article here.