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Employment solicitor Danielle Ayres, who specialises in pregnancy and maternity discrimination, has given her expert advice to popular magazine Mother & Baby. Danielle was approached to answer ‘The Big Question’ for the Spring edition of the magazine.

The question from a Mother & Baby reader was: “I’m worried about telling my boss I’m pregnant. When must I share the news?”

“You are not required to tell your employer until 15 weeks before the week of your due date,” answered Danielle. She continued, “But there are advantages in telling her sooner, not least because the duty of care relating to a mum-to be begins when you’ve informed her of your pregnancy.”

If you’re employer doesn’t know you’re pregnant then your employer can’t be expected to make allowances for you. “When you’re ready, make an appointment to see your boss in private. Prior to the meeting, check the company’s maternity policy, if there is one, to find out maternity leave and benefits. Have your due date to hand when your meet and think about the date you intend to start maternity leave.”

Danielle finished with: “If you want to take maternity leave and claim statutory maternity pay, you’re required to notify your employer in writing of the date you want your leave to start. Your midwife will provide you with a signed MAT B1 form as proof of pregnancy around week 24 of your pregnancy.”

For further advice from Danielle you will have to buy the Spring 2016 edition of Mother & Baby. If you are pregnant or on maternity leave and you think you have been unfairly treated and discriminated against, get in touch with Danielle directly on 0161 930 5151.