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Senior Associate in Employment Law Danielle Ayres has been featured in the Telegraph’s ‘Essential parents’ summer holiday survival guide’.

The article gives suggestions on how best to manage the different challenges that face parents when their children are on summer break from school, including managing childcare arrangements, keeping the kids entertained, managing increased spending etc…

Advising on how to juggle childcare arrangements, Danielle Ayres says:

“You are entitled to ask for parental leave as well as holiday – usually unpaid time off work to look after a child.”

“Employers can say no if they don’t have enough staff and if it’s a busy period for the business. But most will work with employees to ensure that they can take leave as and when they need to. They can’t unreasonably refuse to allow employees to take time off for dependants.”

“Get up a WhatsApp or Facebook group going so that working mums in your circle can support each other and call out for help on bad days.”

You can read the full article here.