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With the new General Data Protection Regulations coming into effect May 2018, cybersecurity has never been more relevant to businesses of all sizes.

Christian Mancier, Partner in Corporate Law and Data Protection specialist spoke to the Telegraph this week on the importance of relevant staff training in order to prevent internal data breaches.

Christian said:

“Staff training needs to be specific to your organisation. This can range from the importance of hard-to-crack passwords involving lower and upper-case letters, numbers and symbols, which are changed on a regular basis and are only used for your organisation rather than for social media or online shopping accounts, through to confidential waste destruction, encrypting data in emails and attachments, and how to keep paper files secure and confidential when out of the office – and indeed questioning whether paper files actually need to be taken out of the office at all,”

“If employees can relate this to their day-to-day role then they take it in and help reduce the risk of future breaches.”

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