Contact Gorvins today E-mail us at : Contact us today on : 0161 930 5151 recently wrote an article on how entrepreneurs are realising the value that their parents and grandparents can bring to their business. It explains how businesses are thriving because they are tapping into skills commonly used by the older generation and sought out Christian Mancier to provide specialist comment. 

“Ensure the parties involved document at the outset how they intend to operate going forward,” explained Christian as a key to any start-up family business.

“This will inevitably involve some difficult conversations around what happens if someone dies or is seriously ill of if there is a falling out but it is best to get those discussions out of the way and document those decisions at the outset whilst everyone is enthused, pulling in the same direction and the business has negligible value.”

You can read the whole article on here – Intergenerational Business.