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Updated: 11.07.2022

The safety of Gorvins employees, supplier partners, clients, and visitors remains our overriding priority.

The worst of the pandemic thankfully appears to be behind us, but the coronavirus continues to evolve around the world, and we continue to monitor the situation. We may update our guidance from time to time based on recommendations from the UK Government, UK Public Health Bodies and World Health Organization (WHO).

Like many firms we are maintaining our flexible working arrangements, with most colleagues working some of the time in the office and some of the time remotely. You can speak to our solicitors either by telephone or by on-line video, and we can now once again offer face-to-face meetings by appointment. If you wish to meet your solicitor face-to-face, please contact us by telephone in the first instance to arrange your meeting.

While Government-mandated social distancing rules no longer apply, we recognise that some people still have concerns about the virus, and we will take all reasonable steps to ensure visitors and colleagues feel comfortable and safe while on our premises. We can provide single-use face coverings, and hand sanitiser is available if required.

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